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wcBasic: html-rkSysop


This should be a working program, it runs on my own BBS and it works fine. No hangups, no lockups, and it does what its suppose to. On your system, I will guarantee nothing, but to take up very little space on your hard-drive.

What's this?

I found it was time to do something. There are a lot of utilities around for some specific things. I wanted to do this with one single program through my browser. What’s included:

  • Display all the created logfiles
  • Edit and activate/deactivate a system event message for displaying it in your .wct pages
  • Manage the SMTP Filter (smtp-checkwords) settings including display/delete/resend rejected mails (they must be in the path wc:\spool\new)
  • Manage the wsSpamGuard settings including display/delete/resend stored mails
  • Learn Spam/Ham mails for SpamAssassin
  • Manage the wcSAP settings
  • Refresh file areas
  • Configuration for my programs:
    • HTTPLogCut
    • html-rkSpamOptions

Files included in the archive


the main program


the Stylesheet to easy customize the look


this file


The installation is pretty simple:

  • Copy html-rkSysop.wcx to the wc5 program directory
  • Copy rkSoftware.css to your wc5 http directory

That's all!


Delete the two installed files.

Using it

You have to be in the “Sysop” security profile to use it. Type to start it.

Some Sysops changed the “Sysop” profile to another name. Now I added a registry string to give them a chance to use my program:

Type: String
Security = NameOfSecurityProfile

Note: The “Sysop” security profile has always access, it must not be added to the registry.



The program is available in a beta version. Check file area 182 for the newest version. It is written in wcBasic and compiled with v6.0.451.1.